Meet Jonas the Aspiring Engineer!

Science and technology, are the angels who are transforming the world by inventions and innovations. Inventions are from different points and angles of views. But all these inventions are from the whites whom we the Africans look up to because of their fast way of thinking and creativity. With these thoughts behind the minds of Africans, they feel lazy to think creatively and scientifically. But to our surprise, some Africans are not as lazy as we thought they were.

Mobile learning society is a society which was formed to eradicate digital illiteracy and also give the members the chance to be creative. It broadens their mind not only on Learning with digital technology but also on hardware such as toycars, airplanes, and many more that can be created by easy means.









On Friday, February 5, 2016 one of our MLS member Dzikunu Jonas in 1 Visual Art in Ketasco made a simple helicopter with cardboard, motor, bottle, wires and dry cells through his mind of creativity to create this. Although it does not fly, it is quite good because it moves about and has the real image of a true helicopter. We are looking forward to make it fly.

This is one thing which should motivate we the Africans not regarding our status to think creative like him.

I urge you all to join the world of creativity now to better Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Our next challenge is to make it fly…..

Below is his Helicopter: