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developing microcontent

The second week of the workshop focused mainly on the development of micro content. It involved the creation of teams based on subject areas and each team was made up of a teacher and two students to collaborate and write the content of a particular topic.


The development of the micro content was tedious at the beginning of the week but got more interesting as we progressed. Teachers and students shared the tasks. In my group, for example, students searched for pictures appropriate to be included in the content taking note on the copyright issues.

On Friday June 20th, 2014, we successfully complete our development. With the support of Professor Grimus, we converted the final content into EPUB and PDF file for e-readers.  The final works were tested on e-readers and they look beautiful and appeared very easy to use in our classrooms for teaching and learning.

Other important topics were covered last week including Copyright and Open Content, Guidance and Social Network.

For teachers, last week’s activities helped to develop the appropriate skills in the development of content for our students. It also gave us ideas about the integration of mobile devices as tools for learning in our classroom even though it is not a common practice in our part of the world. Also, we identify how to give tasks to students ahead of lessons and guide the students to use mobile devices to make research as part of the learning process.

Last week’s activities convinced us that mobile devices are important part of learning in today’s world so should be permitted in our schools with the needed guidance from teachers.

Divine D. Heloo
Marc Saint Lawson
Agbakpe Emmanuel

First week for teachers

Introduction to the use of mobile devices in teaching  and learning

This is an idea propagated by Pro. Grimus to encourage the use of mobile devices in teaching and learning in senior high and technical schools. This requires that lessons are made into smaller learning unit to be uploaded into mobile devices for easy accessibility. it makes it easy for both teachers and students to get access to their lessons and assignment at any point without much hustle.

IMPOSSIBLE! is what we thought of the whole idea on our first day at the workshop but now we are so enthused to be there to begin each day’s task.

The first task about portfolio building was a bit challenging but with practice a whole lot of the participant have improved their skills in this task. Portfolio building encourages one to put tracks of daily activities for reference. it was an interesting experience when both teachers and the students had to research and give an analytical power point presentation to the group.

DSC_9626Now ask us about the drop box idea and we will answer wow!!!! The drop box is a tool that allows you to share documents or data with a group of people or the public.

The picture taking task was another exciting activity. Students and teachers were given cameras for an outdoor exploration of picture taking of images pertaining to their subject area for the micro contents.


The team building is working perfectly. It’s amazing to see teachers and students paired and cooperatively working together to accomplish task of writing lesson units for the micro content for the school’s private blog


Teaching and Learning can be improved by integrating digital media in a classroom setting. A deeper insight may be gained by preparing small learning units (eg. micro content units) on a topic.

The goal of this workshop is to spark collaboration between teaching staff and students for the generation of a better learning experience.

Currently, the selected teachers and students are being taught how to develop a micro content for a private blog for Keta Senior High Technical School. Teaching and learning is made more practical and it is a lot of fun as both teachers and students work hand in hand in groups of their interest , creating portfolios of daily activities, assessments ,blogging and posters coupled with field trips.

Aim of the module

  1. Teachers are able to use practical digital skills to evaluate, use and produce digital learning materials (Open Educational Resources( O.E.R) presentations, assessments…..)
  2. Teachers are able to implement mobile learning in Senior  High and Technical Schools to improve learning process of students.
  3. Students of Senior  High and Technical Schools can cooperate with teachers to create micro-content for learning (available with Internet)

Teachers are encouraged to pass their learning on to their students and colleagues, and to generate further projects of benefit to their communities.