The workshop is history, but we will continue with our new experience

Closely, slowly and sleepy I was that night. I looked each second and every moment out of the window expecting  the arrival of my guests for the workshop. I came a week earlier to prepare everything needed for the progress of the workshop. Before I realized, I was in a prodigious dilemma whether to sleep or wait till my guest arrive. The weather was favorable for sleep. It rained actually that night. Unexpectedly, I woke up the next day. That is just by the way. (written by Noah, assistant of the workshop)

The beginning has just come for the workshop to commence. On this faithful day 10th June, 2014 here comes everyone positioned for setting up time for the workshop, this is due to the workshop not entering into class hours for both the student and teachers.
I had a glance at the participant and all I could see was smiles and joy all over. Do you know the reason why? They are going to learn new things, not only that but also have the zeal to excite the evolution of the workshop.

The workshop was the outstanding one. The workshop entails a lot of activities that boost the intriguing of it. This includes researching, interviews, video recording, picture snapping.

DSC_0448I would like to draw your attention to this marvelous task given out.
A half shell was found at the beach by Prof. Grimus. She then brought it to the workshop for the groups working on biology to work on. The question was – which shell is that? The competition included documentation of the research process. This was a tough one of course but they were able to identify which shell it is by researching on the internet. Have you seen how useful the internet is? I also tried to figure it out myself, using Google goggles; but all turned other way round because Google did not have the image in the data base. But it was solved! The best researchers were Mr. Divine Heloo and Lawson Marc.

                                         ……. AND THE FINAL DAY OF THE COURSE
On the 27th June each member’s portfolio together with each group’s micro content were evaluated by Professor Grimus (Graz University of Technology), Worlali Senyo (MCs in IT, Accra), and Michael Pollak(Vienna University of Technology). Other activities including blog posting were evaluated too.
Here are the winners of the award:
Best Portfolio Teachers

1. Paul Heloo (ICT)
2. Pius Dumashie (Woodwork)
3. Florence Eyram Kuwornu (English Language)
4. Divine Heloo (Biology)

Best Portfolio Students

1. Sakoe Courage
2. Lawson Marc
3. Emmanuel Agbakpe
4. Ativor Jonathan

Best Micro-content
1. Sakoe Courage
2. Gawuga Teddy

1. Divine Heloo
2. Lawson Mac
3. Agbakpe Emmanuel

1. Florence Eyram Kuwornu
2. Dumenyah Delali
3. Ansah Edna

Best blog posters
1. Edna Ansah
2. Delali Dumenya

Prices for the awards were donated by the Austrian Computer Society: T- Shirts, and Caps.
And by friends and sponsors from Austria: Laptops and E-book readers.



DSC_2211Finally all student participants were given NOKIA mobile phones (without SIM-cards!), to continue with further learning with their mobile devices.

DSC_2345Gradually the workshop is approaching the end. Everyone was not happy, because they wished it could continue, I think that is how it’s supposed to be. The night before the closing ceremony was superb. The student participants came to the lab to snap pictures, chat, share their experience and ideas of the outcome of the course. Saturday was tremendous!




DSC_2391On Saturday the 28th June, 2014, we planned to end our workshop at the beach. So after the photographs at the gate, we came to the lab to do whatever we wanted to do before we took off. On our way, we went to the P.E masters bungalow to take a ball which we played on the way to the beach. It was really fun. Around 10:30 am, we all arrived at the beach. We were all happy because it has been a privilege to go out to the beach without been castigated.



There was no place for us to sit so we all sat in a canoe. A man later arrived and asked all the girls to stand up from the canoe so it’s a taboo for a girl or a lady to sit in the canoe.

By that time every female stood up from the canoe to avoid further talk. He also said if a girl or lady sits in the canoe, it will create problems if they go fishing. That is superstition, right?
Special gratitude to Prof. Grimus and Michael Pollak for their great work.
Thanks to all who support to the success of making this workshop on mobile learning succulent.

DSC_2321                                                                                                                                                       Source:
Noah Alorwu
Courage Sakoe
Gawuga Teddy